Animal Healing Consultations
with Psychic Healer, Zoë Henderson


Consultations cost CHF 80 for a 30 minute session

Region: Geneva, Divonne and Vaud

Zoë Henderson is a natural Psychic and Healer She has been practicing for forty years and has worked in the UK, Switzerland, France, Germany, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, the Virgin Islands and Italy with great success. She has diplomas in Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy, EFT and Reiki and is a member of the NFSH (National Federation of Spiritual Healers). ZoŽ uses hands on healing to restore the body and mind to health. Her passion for animals has led her to use this rare natural gift to help heal, especially horses and dogs. As you will see from the testimonials below, she has had some amazing results.

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"Dear Zoë, I cannot believe the change in Mr Jones. I took him back to the vets,where he had an xray and ultra sound. His enlarged heart is back to its normal size!!!! The vet was amazed. Prior to your healing they said that Mr Jones would not survive the night. His heart rate was a staggering 350 per minute, and his blood pressure was barely readable, because it was so low.
He is still on his drugs, but the vet wants to reduce them by half at the end of March. Mr Jones is back to his playful, lovable self. I do not know how we can ever thank you Zoë. You have a rare gift. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. One of which, would not still be beating, without your healing."

Suzie Whitehouse, UK

" I first began having treatments for both my horses and my self about two years ago and since then I have never looked back. It is often said that we wish our animals could talk but actually sometimes actions speak louder than words. To watch any of my horses being treated by Zoë leaves you in no doubt that something very special is taking place. Every horse responds slightly differently during the healing, but afterwards they all have one thing in common, they are very relaxed. I could not believe my eyes the first time Zoë visited and one by one each of my horses got down in their stables and fell asleep. I had a yard full of sleeping horses at 2pm which given their usual electric natures I would never have believed had I not seen them with my own eyes. The healing that takes place helps both me and my horses in many different ways, it offers me reassurance, happiness and remarkable results all at the same time which can be very emotional! "

Nathalie Kayal, UK

Body , Mind and Spirit - is the way I would describe what Zoë does. She doesn't only look for the physical symptoms, but most important , she looks for the origin in the mind that brings the physical imbalance. Because "the mind and body are one system" and top performance is there only when the two are performing together.

Even though Vive is now going on 25, covered in her winter coat and muddy mane, Zoë still sees the beautiful horse she was and is - knowing that any horse has his/her own purpose.

Each horse is different, and Zoë can see each particularity that they have. Antyas can be fidgety sometimes around handlers / healers he doesn't know. But as Zoë first met Antyas, he was as relaxed as if he knew her his whole life.

Camile Ramanen, Switzerland

November, 2011

I asked ZoŽ to see Cleo because she had a relationship problem with other dogs. Soon after the healing we went away for a weekend and Cleo stayed with the breeder. When we first arrived poor Cleo spent the first 15 minutes or so completely plastered to the ground, on her back, in submissive position - her sister and her auntie wanted to make sure that she knew her place in the pack.... We left soon after, when the dogs had calmed down some.

When we picked Cleo up on the way home... The breeder said she couldn't get over how well-adapted Cleo was, how she quickly and easily found he r place in the pack, how well she played with ALL the dogs - her sister included. The breeder literally said, "I can't get over how mellow and well-adjusted she is, she's a joy to have and completely understands the pack mentality. She was so calm, happy to play, but always calm afterwards." And it's true: When we picked her up, Cleo was just relaxed, mouthing and greeting the other dogs, but not in submission - but rather, in love.

I feel change is afoot in Cleo, and I know that this past weekend was a big test for her - one she passed with flying colours. I've yet to see how she reacts to other dogs on leash, and head-on, since our treatment together, since we haven't met any yet (we either were out and didn't cross any other dogs, or Cleo would just plain refuse to go out for anything else than relieving herself in this rain!).

An Update:

Cleo's behaviour with other dogs is markedly improved. She is still having some issues with black dogs for some reason, and smaller dogs on leash. They tend to be the ones who have also charged at her/ nipped her heels/ just been plain little-dog-feisty, so we continue to work on it. She is SO much better when we come across men in hats, though! :-) I noticed that for a while at least, she seemed to be wanting to dominate less in play, although I think much of that depends on the dogs she's playing with. She's met a wonderful, handsome four-footed fellow named Chester - a beautiful Hungarian Vizla - who has been really good about showing her what he will and won't stand for, and I feel like that's having a knock-on effect on her play behaviour. She's also been more able to walk by other dogs on leash without getting completely riled up.

Christina C., Switzerland

My 2 horses Lina and her son Kevin have never got on. As soon as weaning was over Lina took an instant dislike to her son, if he as even looked in her direction she would go crazy, ears back, teeth bared etc. They could just about be turned out next door to each other but could never have contact. Leading them together was unheard off! kevin could also be a bit aggressive towards his field mates.

Zoe came and saw both horses a couple of months ago. It wasn't obvious straight away but I did notice that Kevin seemed to be behaving himself with his field mates almost immediately. Then one day I noticed them talking to each other over the fence without any aggression from Lina, they also lead to and fro from the field quite happily together and now they even groom each other!!

I hope things continue like this and plan to have regular 'top ups' from Zoe.



About Zoë

ZoŽ was brought up within a medical family. Her father had a general practice in Scotland. Apart from his patients who all adored him, he had the healing gift which he also used on animals. He was well known as the "Dr. Doolittle" of the area, as he collected sick animals from afar and brought them home to bring them back into good health. ZoŽ started her healing work on the rescued animals that her father brought home and they worked on them together.

At ZoŽís home they had around fourteen dogs, two cats, an aviary of birds, one parrot, a pet jackdaw, one seal, one alligator, one chimpanzee, two snakes, stick insects, two horses, one Shetland pony and many other species along the way. Her father collected some animals from deceased patients and the others he took in when maimed.

ZoŽís mother was psychic as were her parents. Her father and stepfather were both healers. She also has an identical twin sister who has the same gifts. From a very early age, they both realized that they had telepathy between them. They also had the same ailments at the same time, such as toothache, tonsillitis, appendicitis and many other illnesses. If either of them had accidents, the other would feel the pain at the same time, no matter what the distance was between them. If either of them were in trouble, the other would know. When they are in the same room together, they don't need to talk as they can communicate psychically.

At a very early age in her childhood, Zoe realised that she could psychically home into people and see their events of past, present and future. However it was only around her teens that she realised that other people could not do the same as her. She thought it was quite natural to everyone. It was the same with her healing on people and animals which she used throughout her years of growing up.

It was only in her early twenties that she realised that she was different from other people in as much that she had psychic and healing gifts. However she did not really use them to the full until later in her life.

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